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Dr Oscar Brumby-Rendell | ASULC | Adelaide Shoulder & Upper Limb Clinic

Joint and bone Dr Brumby-Rendell is qualified and experienced in managing shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions. Specifically, he has advanced training in upper limb surgery and minimises invasiveness and optimises surgical outcomes by implementing keyhole approaches where possible.

Dr Brumby-Rendell consults at ASULC Dulwich, Flinders Private Hospital and Stirling Hospital.  

His personal assistant will help you discover an appropriate consultation location. Please contact either of our office numbers below for all patient enquires and appointments:

Phone: (08) 7077 0101. Fax: (08) 7077 0109.

Dr Brumby-Rendell accepts referrals from your GP or other doctors. Your doctor may email or fax a referral for you, or you can bring their referral to your appointment yourself.

Referrals must be provided for specialist consultation under Medicare Australia. To make an online booking, click here.

Although waiting times vary, they are usually no longer than 2 weeks for private, non-emergency referrals.

A same-day service is provided to elite sports persons or individuals with emergency injuries; however, "out-of-hours" costs are usually required.

You must provide a referral from a doctor. This can be brought to your appointment or sent to Brumby-Rendell via:

Fax: (08) 7077 0109 or

Remember to bring your health insurance details and any relevant imaging to your consultation to avoid disappointment.

Consultations usually take up to 20 minutes. Simple conditions may only require 10 minutes for a thorough explanation, including modelling and demonstrations. More complex cases may take a prolonged period, and this is usually accounted for in scheduling by Dr Brumby-Rendell.

Generally, follow-up appointments take approximately 10 minutes. Dr Brumby-Rendell aims to provide full explanations of individual conditions and provide answers to any queries no matter the time required.

A consultation for a new patient costs $160. You can claim this through WorkCover where appropriate. If you have private health insurance, you will be required to pay this cost at your appointment; however, Medicare will reimburse a fraction of this cost - currently $78.05.

If you have any questions regarding payment, please talk to our administrative staff. If emergency care or a second opinion is requested, "out-of-hours" costs may be associated. Additional time will normally be scheduled for second opinions.

X-rays are often required to assess bone-affected conditions, including fractures and arthritis. This can be performed at the hospital on the same day as your appointment, and Dr Brumby-Rendell will provide information regarding its findings.

Scans such as ultrasounds, CTs and MRIs may also be required; however, these generally must be booked in advance. Thus, such imaging is usually conducted on another day, and results are relayed at a follow-up appointment. The images provided by these scans are often interpreted with special equipment and examined by a radiologist.

We recommend booking a follow-up appointment approximately 1 week after your scans are conducted, as results often take around this time to be interpreted and reported.

If you have questions or require further clarification, ask the technician about the normal duration required for report generation when you have your scan.

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