Sports Elbow Injuries

Dr Oscar Brumby-Rendell | ASULC | Adelaide Shoulder & Upper Limb Clinic | Elbow Surgery

The extensor tendon (located on the elbow's outside) becomes inflamed due to repetitive twisting and extending motions. There are other elbow conditions that have similar symptoms to Tennis Elbow, meaning it can only be diagnosed by a qualified, experienced doctor.

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This condition is very similar to Tennis Elbow, but the elbow's inside tendon becomes inflamed.

The elbow and radius bone are connected via the distal biceps tendon. This tendon can rupture when overused and worn, resulting in elbow pain. This can also cause the retracting of the biceps muscle into the upper arm, making a noticeable bump.

Repetitive elbow extension results in this condition. Patients with this condition struggle to straighten their elbow without pain in the elbow's back, and clicking or locking may be experienced during this motion.

This condition requires urgent treatment, and other injuries (including instability and fractures) may be experienced in conjunction with a dislocation. Complex conditions arise from elbow dislocations, and ongoing treatment is often required.

Some sports injuries may benefit from non-surgical treatment.

Such treatments may include:

  • The consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs for the reduction of swelling and pain
  • Allowing the elbow to rest (specifically for repetition injuries)
  • Immobilising and supporting the elbow via a splint or strap
  • Physiotherapy exercises
  • Corticosteroid injections for swelling or pain reduction

Surgery may be required as soon as possible for complex conditions such as distal biceps ruptures.

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